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Lawn Care Kelowna - For all of your landscaping needs, you'll find plenty of various kinds of irrigation equipment to pick from. The simplest type of irrigation will be a hose, with one of numerous types of sprinkler heads attached. This is really effective for watering small areas like for instance a lawn, or garden. At the other end of the spectrum would be a center-pivot irrigation system, these are usually used to water huge agriculture areas.

Impact sprinkler head: This sprays a stream of water while it moves in a circular direction. Pop up impact sprinklers: As the name implies the sprinkler head pops up if in use and the sprinkler head goes down flush with the ground if it is not used. Oscillating sprinklers: Move and deliver water, the water comes out of the sprinkler head similar to a fan and is sprayed with a back and forth motion.

Stream rotors: These spray out streams of water in all directions. Spray heads: The heads could be adjusted. Depending on the area that should be watered you could adjust the spray so it will spray in every direction or only water certain parts. Stream rotors and spray heads are sprinkler heads which are stationary.

The method of micro-irrigation is applying the water directly to its surface or under the soil. Water loss due to evaporation is minimal. The equipment required for drip irrigation is composed of a tube and drip emitters. The emitters are inserted along the tube and water drips at or near the plant root. A less permanent choice is drip tape. This is a really thin tube that you could replace after using it for a year or two.

In between conventional sprinklers and drip irrigation are micro sprayers. These are very small sprinklers which attached to thin tubing also called spaghetti tubes. A micro sprayer is more efficient than a full sized sprinkler and can cover a lot more area than drip irrigation.

The irrigation systems utilized for big lands usually comprise a framework which supports lots of heads for nozzles or sprinkle heads, in addition to the pumps and pipes considered necessary to deliver the water. The center pivot irrigation equipment moves around a middle point in a circular motion. For irrigating in a straight line the linear system is usually used. Depending on your irrigational requirements, there is an entire spectrum of irrigation equipment available to select from.

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