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Irrigation Systems Kelowna

Irrigation Systems Kelowna - Delivering water to a location which is dependent on water but not adequate enough than what is usually required is the responsibility of an irrigation system. Normally, it is used for agricultural and landscaping purposes. There are many aspects that determine the efficiency of the irrigation like the type of irrigation system installed and the conditions at its time of use.

The main feature of an effective irrigation system is to get as much water into the soil or to the plants as possible. Though this particular task might sound easy, it is not necessarily. Statistics prove there can be in fact a water loss of as much as 50% from irrigation systems in certain cases because of evaporation.

For instance, when an irrigation system sprays water over a long distance, it starts to break up from the first steady stream and gradually turns into tiny droplets or a mist. On warm and hot scorching days, a large part of this water will never make it to the ground. If the sun is low on the horizon and hits the water, this phenomenon can be easily seen. It is possible to witness some of the water clearly going up instead of down.

When the water is as near the location which requires watering, then the irrigation system is considered efficient. Lots of methods are effective at doing this and show efficiency rates of 90 percent or higher. Like for instance, a low energy precision application center pivot system is designed with lines hanging down from massive arms. These arms spray water from a level just above the height of the crop or plant. One more efficient way is the drip irrigation system. This system utilizes pipes that are typically made from PVC that has been drilled out with holes. The water then drips out from these strategically placed holes at the places where it is truly needed. This irrigation method applies water in the vicinity and majorly cuts down on any loss because of evaporation.

There are several people who depend on sprinkler systems. There are several methods which could conserve water and help improve their efficiency. Sprinkling in hours when the sun is down, like for example during sunrise or sunset will greatly increase overall efficiency. Keeping the area dry during the warmest part of the day will also let the location be free to enjoy during daytime hours. Keeping note of times that adequate rainfall occurs and making certain the irrigation system does not come on automatically during these periods can also help conserve water.

Regardless of what type of irrigation method you pick, there are always many ways to conserve resources and cut expenses. Specially within areas where water is limited, this is a requirement by law, not an option. Finding more effective ways to operate an irrigation system is good for personal financial reasons as well as beneficial to the natural environment.

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